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What Is Minor Oral Surgery?

Posted on 6/3/2024 by Pacific Oral and Facial Surgery Center
Man smiling after dental surgery at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center in Livermore, CAMinor oral surgery is an umbrella term for surgical procedures involving the oral cavity, mouth, and jaw. Many of these procedures can also be performed comfortably and safely with the help of sedation dentistry or local anesthesia.

Understanding Minor Oral Surgery

Minor oral surgery involves the use of simple procedures to correct a number of oral cavity issues. Some of the oral cavity issues that can be corrected using minor oral surgery include the removal of cysts, draining abscesses, tooth extraction, biopsy of lesions, and impacted wisdom teeth.

Types of Minor Surgery Procedures


If you have any issues with your teeth that warrant inevitable extraction, you might need minor surgery. For example, your dentist can recommend that you have your tooth extracted if your teeth are overcrowded or you have extensive tooth decay. Tooth extractions are not complicated, especially when you have the procedure done by an experienced oral surgeon.

Dental Implant Placement

You will need a minor surgery when your dentist needs to replace your missing teeth with artificial tooth roots. A dental implant placement is surgically inserted and later used to support dental prosthetics, such as dentures and crowns.


A biopsy is a procedure your dentist will use to remove small tissue samples for diagnostic purposes. Biopsies are needed to investigate the nature of suspicious lesions or growths.

Gum Surgery

A gum surgery is the procedure you need to treat any issues with your gums. Your dentist will make minor incisions to perform gum grafting or to complete a gingival flap surgery.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery is usually done to prepare your mouth for the placement of dental prosthetics, like dentures or bridges. This may involve shaving down the teeth to attach a bridge.


Your dentist can perform a minor surgical procedure to remove or modify any small folds of tissue between your upper lip and gums. Fenectomies can also be performed under the tongue to release a tongue tie.

Minor oral surgery is a broad term referring to surgical procedures on the oral cavity, mouth, and jaw. These surgeries are often performed comfortably in the dental office.

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