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Dental Implants - Changing the Way We Treat Missing Teeth

Posted on 7/4/2017 by Jen Braswell
Dental implants are rapidly becoming the standard of care in how we, as dental professionals, deal with missing teeth. And while the incidents of adults losing permanent teeth has been declining for decades, there is still a good chance that at some point in your life you too will require treatment for a lost permanent tooth.

The way this was treated in the past was by one of two methods. The first method was to install a bridge. The second commonly used method was dentures. But both of those methods present their own challenges and hassles to patients. Thankfully, dental implants have improved so much over the years that more often than not they are a better choice for a patient’s oral care plan.

Here are our top five reasons that dental implants have a leg up on their old competitors.

Almost Natural: Dental implants are so sturdy that they feel and function just like a natural tooth. This is achieved by inserting a screw into the jaw which is allowed to bond with the bone in that area.
Longevity: Dentures are a long term solution and have the ability to last a lifetime when properly placed and taken care of. By contrast, traditional bridges last only about 5-7 years.
Fully Functional: Unlike dentures, which have a tendency to slip or feel uncomfortable and might even cause worry about possible embarrassments in public, dental implants don’t move when you are eating, talking or moving around.
Face Shape Protection: When a permanent tooth is lost, over time the face and smile can sag. Dental implants fill in those spaces and allow you to keep your natural face shape longer!
Keeps your Jaw in Shape! Dental implants actually stimulate natural bone growth when set in the jaw. Without them, the jaw gets lazy and can deteriorate.
If you have a site in your mouth where you are missing a tooth and have been wondering what to do about it, give us a call today for a consultation to see just how great dental implants can be!
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