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4 Facts About Wisdom Teeth You Should Be Aware Of

Posted on 6/15/2019 by Pacific Oral and Facial Surgery Center
4 Facts About Wisdom Teeth You Should Be Aware OfPeople say a lot of things about wisdom teeth. While the things people say may have elements of truth about wisdom teeth, they tend to refer to the worst-case scenarios. Instead of dealing with those facts, it is a good idea to learn some of the more realistic facts about wisdom teeth. These are 4 facts that people need to know about wisdom teeth that are not as scary.

You Don't Need Them
There may have been a time, many years ago, where the extra teeth in the mouth were needed. Cavemen eating tough raw meat depended on their teeth to chew it. Over time, the need for the wisdom teeth has gone away. In fact, as our brains have grown, the amount of space for the extra teeth disappeared. Now wisdom teeth are more likely to cause a problem instead of being something you need.

You Don't Need to Remove Them
Getting your wisdom teeth removed is like a rite of passage as you grow older. It is something that many people expect to happen. While there are many times when removal of the wisdom teeth is necessary, there are other times when they do not need removal.

If there is enough space for the teeth to grow, if the wisdom teeth are healthy and if they grow in properly, they can remain in the mouth as a healthy part of your set of teeth. When the teeth do grow, they can cause some discomfort or pain, but it is possible that this will go away, and the teeth will remain healthy.

The Number of Wisdom Teeth Varies

It is possible to have one, two, three or four wisdom teeth. Most people have a set of two wisdom teeth, but it is totally up to nature and genetics to decide how many any one person will have.

They Can Erupt at Any Age

Wisdom teeth typically erupt during the late teen or early twenties, but that does not mean everyone will have them emerge during those years. They can emerge earlier or later. The world record for the oldest person to have a wisdom tooth erupt is 94 years old.

It is important to know the facts about wisdom teeth. Relaying on the stories that people spread can lead to many different problems. Many of those stories have been exaggerated over time.

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