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What We Can Do if You Get an Ear Ache

Posted on 6/8/2020 by Pacific Oral and Facial Surgery Center
What We Can Do if You Get an Ear AcheBefore you ask what we can do if you get an earache you should probably ask what does an ear ache have to do with your oral surgeon? Fortunately, we can answer both questions because we are oral surgeons. When you have problems with your teeth these problems are not always isolated to your oral cavity.
Some conditions, like infections, can cause medical problems elsewhere in your body. If you have had oral surgery, complications from the surgery can cause symptoms elsewhere. One of these places that symptoms can be seen is in your ears. Frequently, problems with a tooth that causes an earache usually only affect the ear that is on the same side as the problem tooth.

What Can You Do to Fix It?

Cavities, molars that are impacted, a tooth abscess, which is a tooth infection, or complications from oral surgery can all cause ear pain. Keep in mind that doesn't mean they always will cause ear pain, but they can. If you experience an ear ache and you can't think of any reason you should have one, we should probably be your first stop. Your teeth are close to your ear canal so many times a tooth problem will cause pain in your ear due to this close proximity.
If your ear pain is caused by a cavity we will first see if you need a root canal. If you do, we will perform that procedure, then complete the process with a crown. The root canal will stop the ear ache. If you have a tooth abscess, we will put you on antibiotics to kill the infection. Once the infection is gone, we can determine what caused the abscess and get a treatment plan together to fix the actual cause of the problem. Impacted molars will need surgery, but once completed the ear ache is gone for good. If you are experiencing an ear ache, contact us and let us have a look at it.
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