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Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center, Livermore, CACorrective jaw surgery often referred to as orthognathic surgery, is often used when you have dental or skeletal issues that cannot be fixed, even with the most up to date dental techniques and technology. This type of surgery refers to any number of different procedures that are done to correct many of the more difficult dental or skeletal issues. At Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center, we perform corrective jaw surgery to restore the health, functions, and aesthetics of your mouth and surrounding areas.

Are You in Need of Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Your mouth performs many different, essential, tasks every day. Any issues with your jaw, mouth or surrounding areas can impact the functions of your mouth, making basic tasks like eating, speaking, even sleeping, difficult. When this happens, your entire quality of life is affected. Corrective jaw surgery is often reserved as a last effort when no other treatments for solving your oral health issues have proved effective. It can be used to fix such issues as:
•  Oral or facial trauma.
•  Cleft palates, or other congenital defects.
•  Overbites, underbites, or other malocclusions.
•  Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. This is a condition that causes chronic jaw or joint pain.
•  Chronic mouth breathing.
•  Obstructive sleep apnea.
•  An imbalance of your facial features.

Corrective Jaw Surgery Procedure

Before you undergo corrective jaw surgery, we first need to conduct a thorough consultation to make sure that it is the right option for you. This consultation includes a visual inspection of your mouth as well as x-rays and other images. The consultation is designed to give us a complete picture of the condition of your mouth and helps us to determine the best course of action for you.

Surgery begins with a local anesthetic as well as sedation. Sedation is provided to help you relax during the course of your surgery. Depending upon your specific needs, general anesthesia may be needed. Depending upon your specific circumstances, your procedure may take anywhere from one to several hours.

Next, we make incisions in your soft tissues, which provides us access to your jawbone. Depending upon your specific needs, we may add, remove or reshape the bone. We may place plates and screws, or use wires to stabilize the jaw. Once we have completed your procedure, the site is cleaned, and the soft tissues are sutured closed.

The time it takes to heal from corrective jaw surgery depends upon your specific procedure. After surgery, we will provide you with a set of specific post-op instructions, which will tell you how to deal with common post-surgical issues and facilitate your healing process. As you heal, you can gradually resume your normal diet and activities.

Corrective Jaw Surgery Benefits

Corrective jaw surgery provides several benefits:
•  You get relief from chronic pain, including headaches and earaches.
•  Normal functions of your mouth are restored.
•  Your overall health is improved.
•  Your appearance is improved, which can help to give you a boost of confidence.

Corrective jaw surgery allows us to correct some different dental and skeletal issues, which enables us to restore the health, functions, and beauty of your mouth. For more information, or to schedule your consultation, contact Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center at 925-290-7727 today.
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