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Orthognathic Surgery for Speech Problems

woman talkingSpeech is important. More precisely, proper speech is important. Proper speech allows you to communicate effectively with those around you. There are several factors that impact how you speak, including the alignment of your teeth and jaws. Minor alignment issues can often be treated with orthodontics. However, if the alignment issues are more severe, orthognathic surgery may be necessary. Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center can help.

What is Malocclusion?

Malocclusion, also called misalignment, is when your teeth do not fit together properly. There are a several different types of malocclusion, including:
•  Overcrowding.
•  Crossbite.
•  Overbite or underbite.
•  Open bite.

What Causes Malocclusion?

There is no singular cause of malocclusion. There are actually a few different issues that can cause it to occur. In many cases, it is inherited. Other causes of malocclusion include:
•  The jawbone is too small.
•  The upper and lower jaws are two different sizes.
•  Oral habits in childhood, such as thumb sucking and pacifier use after the age of 3.
•  Jaw injuries.
•  Enlarged adenoids or tonsils.
•  Cleft palate or cleft lip.

How Alignment Issues Impact Speech

When your teeth and jaws are poorly aligned, you are faced with several issues. One of these issues is trouble speaking properly. When speaking, we use our teeth, lips, and tongue to create sounds. If any of these structures are out of place, your speech is going to be altered. The alignment of your teeth plays a role in articulating consonants. The teeth also control airflow for many sounds. Alignment issues lead to lisps and mispronouncing different words. For instance, you may find it difficult to properly pronounce s or z sounds. You may have trouble pronouncing strident sounds. These are words where the sound emphasis is on a letter or group of letters like ship or jump. When your speech is affected by poor alignment, this can lead to significant embarrassment.

Orthognathic Surgery for Speech Problems

Orthognathic surgery, or corrective jaw surgery, can greatly help to improve speech related issues. Depending on the type of alignment issues you are faced with, the exact surgical procedure you undergo will vary. Surgery may be necessary to move the jaw back to place it in proper alignment, or the jaw may need to be moved forward. You may need surgery to correct a small jaw. Surgery can be used to correct cleft lip or palate issues. In some cases, corrective jaw surgery may also be used in conjunction with orthodontic treatment, which will help to correct the alignment of your teeth. With your speech improved, you are able to communicate effectively and confidently.
Orthognathic surgery can do so much more than just improve your speech. Other benefits of orthognathic surgery include:
•  An improved smile. In addition to improving the quality of your smile, orthognathic surgery can also improve your facial aesthetics.
•  Greater confidence.
•  Relief from chronic pain.
•  Improved chewing. You will be to chew your foods thoroughly, which aids in improving your digestion and your overall nutrition.
•  Reduced tooth wear. Alignment issues place uneven, and excessive, pressure on different teeth. Correcting alignment evens your bite pressure.

Orthognathic surgery can be a very effective way to eliminate speech problems. It can also help to improve the quality of your smile, your confidence, and your quality of life. For more information, and to schedule a consultation, call Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center today at 925-290-7727.
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