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Tooth Removal

A tooth removal is the procedure done to remove a tooth that is damaged beyond repair from its socket in the jawbone. Extractions are also done to remove wisdom teeth that may be impacted or create future problems.

Many extractions can be performed in your family dentist however, more complicated procedures may be referred to Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center, where we can take are of surgical cases.

Why Are Teeth Removed?

•  Severely decayed teeth
•  Periodontal disease leading to bone loss
•  Fractured in such a way that it is impossible or impractical to repair
•  Badly positioned (impacted wisdom teeth)
•  Non-functional or poorly functional teeth that should be replaced with a bridge, denture or dental implant

Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth, also called your third molars, are the last 4 of your 32 adult teeth to develop. They typically begin erupting in your late teen years or early 20s. While some people have no issues with their wisdom teeth, there are many people who are faced with significant complications as their wisdom teeth attempt to erupt. Problematic wisdom teeth need to be removed. Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center can help.
Learn more About Wisdom Teeth Removal.

Impacted Teeth

Your teeth are an important feature of your mouth. While small, they have several important responsibilities. Children develop 20 temporary baby teeth. Eventually, the baby teeth fall out, and adult teeth begin to take their place. Adults develop a total of 32 permanent teeth. For most people, their teeth all come in without any issues. For others, however, they may be faced with an impacted tooth. Impacted teeth can cause significant issues. At Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center, we can help to treat impacted teeth and restore the health of your mouth.
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