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Effects of Tooth Loss
Livermore, CA

A woman smiling after receiving restorative dental services at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center in Livermore, CAMost patients who have lost one tooth, several teeth, or an entire row of teeth, want them replaced as soon as possible. Missing teeth can be frustrating, which makes a same-day procedure at our office requested more often. If you are looking for this type of procedure, our staff at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center wants to assist you with getting your radiant smile back and help you get the functionality of your teeth back.

Immediate Dentures

There are several options available to you when looking for same-day teeth, depending mostly on your needs. If you want dentures, there are immediate dentures available. These are for patients who have an entire row of teeth missing, whether naturally or from surgery. Our team can fit you for immediate dentures, which are temporary until a full set of permanent dentures can be created for you. This is usually used for those who have had to undergo tooth extraction for an entire row of teeth.

After the surgery, we will place the temporary dentures in your mouth until your soft tissues and underlying bones are fully healed. This takes between six to eight weeks typically, depending on your case. Immediate dentures ensure you do not have to go without teeth but will often be ill-fitted for your mouth. You must be careful with your immediate dentures and come in for a check-up as planned by our dedicated staff members. We will check the progress of your recovery and refit the immediate dentures, as your gums and bones will often realign post-op.

While undergoing recovery, we will help you select the best option for a permanent set of teeth. A permanent denture can be created for you, which is usually done off-site. This requires us to examine your mouth to sculpt the perfect set that fits comfortably, usually a few weeks in advance. If you are looking for an option that is not removable, we may suggest an endosteal single dental implant, multiple tooth dental implants, the All-On-4® implant, or a dental bridge implant. Each of these has its pros and cons.

All-on-4® Dental Implants

If you don’t have to undergo a tooth removal, you have other same-day procedures available to you. All-on-4 dental implants can be placed in your mouth the same day. This type of dental implant only requires us to place four to six anchors in your gum tissue. A set of dentures, which are made on the spot, are then screwed into the anchors. These denture implants cannot be removed and work as a set of natural teeth. This is an alternative to a traditional endosteal procedure, which requires individual titanium screws to be placed in your mouth to act as a root for each tooth. An All-on-4 procedure works ideally for those with a full set of missing teeth that don’t require any invasive surgery, such as an extraction or periodontal care.

Dental Bridge Implants

If you only have a few missing teeth, a dental bridge implant can be placed in your mouth the same day you come into our office. For this treatment, we utilize the adjacent teeth to cement a dental crown into your mouth. Crowns are usually made of porcelain, which gives the appearance of a natural tooth. It also requires the least invasive surgery of all your options. However, they are also less stable than an All-on-4 or endosteal implant since the crowns are only cemented in, rather than stabilized with anchors in your mouth. This requires slightly more care when choosing what foods to eat and overall dental maintenance moving forward.

If you are missing a tooth or a set of teeth, please contact us at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center. We are here to help you. Give us a call today at 925-290-7727 for an examination, where we can assist you in figuring out the best course of action for your oral care.
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If you are missing a tooth or a set of teeth, contact us at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center today for help!
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